Spring Break

Spring break is practically here!! Sadly the fitness center will be closed (Closing Friday March 16th at 2pm and re-opening Sunday March 25th at 2pm ) but that does not mean you can’t keep up with your workouts! There is a bunch of ways to stay fit without going to the gym:

  1.   Try taking your run outside, with this great weather we have been having there is no reason why you couldn’t have a fun run outside for a change.
  2.   You can go on a hike!  
  3.    Hit up a nearby park, you can do park bench push-ups and squats.
  4.  Check out exercise T.V. or Video On Demand
  5.  Take a bike ride
  6.  Walk instead of driving
  7.  Push-ups, Crunches, Lunges, etc don’t require any equipment

Don’t let not having a gym affect your physical fitness. Get out and stay active over break! Have a fun, safe, and active break!